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Breaking Stuff

There are many Gewerke going on. Heating, plumbing, electric, Innenausbau, etc. There is not so much I can do at this point in regards to that stuff. However, in the Altbau I can help save money by prepping rooms for things to come. Need a new ceiling? The old one has to come down. Room gets a new floor? The old one has to come out. Need a new wall? Oh Yeahhhhhh! I’m busting through the old one like the Kool-aid Man. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that.

Anyways, here are some pictures of me breaking stuff. I have more that I’ll add at some other time.


On Saturday we had the Richtfest. In English this is known as the “Topping Out“. The house builder hangs a special wreath from the roof and then recites a poem punctuated with shots of schnapps. Then we climbed up on the scaffolding and said a few words. After that we partied.

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Time-Lapse 1

This is a time-lapse film showing the building of the foundation up until yesterday when the wooden framing was completed. The camera lens has a very narrow angle so some stuff gets cut off.

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