“Kosten sparen durch Eigenleistung” = Trying to save a buck through DIY

In order to reign in costs, we have to do a few things ourselves. In the Altbau, this includes stripping wallpaper, knocking down walls, tearing out baseboards & window frames, hammering out old bathroom tile, etc. in preparation for internal isolation (Innendämmung). There will be pictures of all this eventually, don’t worry.

For the Neubau there is not so much we can do right now. Eventually we’ll be doing a lot of painting, wallpapering and a whole lot more. Last weekend we had a chance to save a few beans by painting four soon-to-be exposed rafters with paint primer. It didn’t save a lot, but the small stuff can add up.

2 thoughts on “Eigenleistung”

  1. I just showed Lucas the pictures and he said “I do not believe that this is actually happening.”… He’s very astute for a 5 year old. Keep the pics coming!

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