Still alive

Moin moin,

I’m busy. I got things to do. Can’t talk about some of it here though. I’m secretive like that.

I took a week off work so I could finish up some projects and take care of some stuff that needed taking care of. The main thing being mixing the forthcoming album from Through a Rebel Heart and some Venusberg tracks. Also, I had to go to Berlin to renew my passport. I could do it by mail and wait for-effing-ever to get it back and risk losing it in the mail, but I decided to go to the consulate in B-Town so that I could keep my old passport with my German immigration stuff in it, in case I needed it.

Berlin is a fun awesome town. I had some plans to do some cool things while I was there, but in case you haven’t heard the S-Bahn there is completely fucked up and it takes forever for cool guys like me to get to the cool places I want to get to. So I hung at some cool bars, saw some sights and took some pictures.

Anyway, I booked a cheap bed in a 4 bed room in a hostel. I arrived and checked in at about 5pm. I went to my room and dropped my stuff off. I noticed that my “room mates” were probably from Asia by their luggage and other possessions. I came in around midnight and saw that they were in bed asleep so I tiptoed into my bed. In the morning I woke up and noticed 3 cute Asian women packing their things.

Ooooh. So close.