Sommer und Stadtfest

It is fairly safe to say that summer is on. The weather has been consistently warm for a few days and there is lots of grilling in effect. We’ve had people over a few times to grill. We do it on the street, commando style. There is probably a law against it, but nobody has complained yet. This weekend is probably going to involve some grilling as well. Germans are all about grilling. At the weather website,, there is even a, what I call, the Grill-o-meter. Check it out! It’s 3-4 Würstchen grilling conditions everywhere except for down south in the mountains. Don’t think for a minute that will stop them though.

Also last week was Stadtfest. It was a bit rainy but it didn’t stop the Lüneburgers from wilding in the streets all through the night. I took a few pictures but only really got into it on Sunday when it was almost over.

On Friday night I did get a chance to see a band playing here called Miyagi. I was impressed with their show. It was much better than the CD I bought afterwards. The CD isn’t bad by any means, it just doesn’t rock as much as they did live.