Birthday, Awesome

So last week was my birthday. Like every year, M got me an awesome present. (Seriously, I’m so lucky. She is so awesome when it comes to giving gifts. It’s rubbed off on me because I don’t want to look like a schlub in comparison, so I try to best her which of course makes her want to best me, which is not hard because she is so awesome. See how it works?)

This year she took me to TreeTrek in Bad Bevensen. Now, if you remember, I have been to Bad Bevensen before. It doesn’t exactly bring back happy memories, but that’s where the fun is if you want to go climb around in the woods, zipping around from tree to tree.

Click for more photos.
I think I’m going to incorporate a zip line into my stage act, thus allowing me to fly over the audience during my bitchin’ guitar solos. It’s been done before, but in Hamburg?