Torture, It’s the American Way.

Hey John Ashcroft, from one Missouri boy to another, go fuck yourself, you hypocritical piece of shit. Waterboarding is torture. Period.

I really think he should try it out himself and see how it is. Wait a minute. Didn’t the US try and convict Japanese soldiers for warcrimes after WWII for waterboarding US soldiers? Yes.

Waterboarding has been considered torture by every administration before this one. It has been prosecuted since 1800.

I don’t really talk about politics anymore on this blog. I just don’t care. I know that apathy is part of the problem but it just doesn’t matter. The game is rigged. It makes my blood pressure rise and I get real angry. The last general election and the aftermath destroyed nearly every bit of faith and hope for humanity I had and any idealism I held for good. Put a fork in it. It’s done. Sometimes I wish the violent and bloody revolution that is coming will get here quick so we can just have a little excitement and get it over with.

Here’s a picture of a rainbow. ­čśë