Garden Intrusion

We found something interesting in our planter in front of our house. We didn’t plant it there. Honest! This has absolutely nothing to do with our recent trip to Amsterdam.

I saw it a few days ago when it was real small and just thought it was a weed, you know, the bad kind. Then a few days later as I was coming home from work, I noticed it was a bit larger.

Oh. hey…What?….Is that what I think it is?

We have a bench in front of our house right next to this and every so often we find people resting on it, or chilling, or passed out drunk. I assume someone was sitting there smoking bowls and threw there seeds and stems into the planter.

Unfortunately, this is still illegal in Germany. It was right out on the street in front of the world. As much as I would love to dabble in the horticultural sciences, we pulled it up and threw it away. You hear me? It’s gone! Don’t call me up and ask, “Hey dude, you got any stuff, dude?”