One of the local bartenders I am friendly with is from the freshly-minted Republic of Kosovo. Previously, if you wanted to get him mad or upset, you could easily do so by bringing up the situation going on over there and watch him go off. His basic sentiments could be summed up in, “Fuck anybody that had anything to do with it.” It was neither fun nor amusing. That’s why I only brought it up once. Plus he has some rather large “home boys” that sometimes hang out there and they don’t like to smile alot. So, why push it, ya know?

Last week I stopped in and I had to ask. How was it, how do you feel about, uh, you know? He was much more willing to talk about it. He said that finally there is some hope. Hope is what he had given up. He was very excited about what the future holds and expressed gratitude that the US recognized Kosovo’s independence.

He also expressed gratitude specifically for Bill Clinton. I didn’t know that there is already a Bill Clinton Boulevard, a 25ft tall mural of Clinton and, get this, a 10ft tall statue of him under construction. They love the guy. He withheld comment on 43 though.

All this gave us a warm fuzzy feeling, certainly aided partially by our imbibitions, and the next round was on the house.

America! Fuck Yeah!