Chillmost 2007 Year End Wrap-Up

It has been a somewhat bittersweet year. My Aunt Sue passed away after fighting a long hard battle with breast cancer. That was the first time, as an adult, that I was confronted with the death of someone close to me and all it entails.

I’m feeling pretty healthy compared to 2 years ago today. No heart problems in 2007, except for some weird mental anxiety issues. Well, I haven’t gone jogging in almost 6 months. Some shit came up. I hurt my legs and just generally got lazy. But 2008 is a whole new year I tell ya. I’m gonna get back on the wagon soon, I swear.

Chillmost’s favorite Records of 2007:

  • Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: 100 Days, 100 Nights – This is a beautifully produced album that channels the spirit of Motown and other R&B labels of the 60’s. It should be noted that The Dap-Kings were the backing band on most of Amy Winehouse’s 2006 album, Back to Black. So, if you dig that you will probably dig this.
  • Deerhunter: cryptograms – Trippy, dreamy and rocking. Lot’s of noisy guitars and drones.
  • The Dynamics: Version Excursions – Modern dub reggae versions of old classics
  • Apparat: Walls – I dunno watcha wanna call it. Modern krautrock? It’s kind of has a Notwist thing going on there. It’s good check it out.
  • Beastie Boys : The Mix Up – If you liked The In Sound From Way Out!, you should dig this. It doesn’t sound at all like the Beastie Boys you are used to.
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Baby 81 – A return to asskicking form. Not the best, but I listened to it a lot. They put on a good show as well.

Year Highlights:

As a parting gesture from 2007, I give you an 18 minute epic monstrosity of an appropriately titled blissed out slide blues in open D: New Years Eve.

If you got a glass of wine, pour another. Is Absinth your thing? Thats cool baby. If you are smoking a fatty, roll another. If your tripping on acid, ummm, well, see you on the other side. Seriously, it’s long. I wasn’t paying attention to the clock on this one. Enjoy. Thanks for stopping by.