Been a Long Time…

The chances are slim to none that I will get tickets for this but I entered the drawing anyway.

And now a hodge-podge of random info.

I have been so busy lately with work and music, I haven’t gotten enough sleep and my brain is like mush. I’ve been working on a remix for Hot Bitch Arsenal that is turning out really cool. The Venusberg show last week went very well. The next show on October 10th in Marx at the Markthalle in Hamburg. I saw Spiritualized there a few years ago.

I have been doing lots of Internet-nerding as well. Have you ever seen the show The IT Crowd? It’s about some company’s tech support people that have offices in the basement where they answer the phones like, “Hello?……Have you tried restarting the computer?” I can relate to this. Apparently there is was a German version but it doesn’t seem to have made it past a few episodes. There is also an American version planned for NBC.


One interesting thing is the announcement from Apple concerning the release of Logic 8, their professional recording software. I have been considering a switch from ProTools to something else for a few years now. I really like the ProTools software and I know it very well. I cut my teeth on it at Streeterville Studios in Chicago in the late 90’s where I was one of the young kids that knew his way around that new digital technology. Unfortunately, unless you have about $20,000 laying around and can afford their top of the line system along with a variety of plug-ins, you’ll have to settle for their LE-system and learn to accept a few limitations like a max of 18 inputs, lack of portability, lack of versatile audio interface options, crappy MIDI sequencer (granted it has gotten better, but have you used Live?) and no automatic delay compensation.

Logic used to be developed by a company called eMagic in a small town near here called Rellingen (where M. grew up). After getting bought by Apple in 2002, a lot of resources were dedicated to the further developemant and inprovement to the software. I was very close to making the switch before the intel macs were announced and released. There were a few stability issues with Logic and Intel so I decided to wait.

The newest version of Logic has supposedly overcome these issues and added a lot of cool features and plugins. Plus the whole audio suite costs around $500 instead of $1000 like the last version.

Hmmm. I’ll wait a few months and see.