Uncloudy Day

This past weekend was one of the best. I spent Friday and Saturday recording a demo CD for Tussika and I spent Saturday night rehearsing and recording with Venusberg. Yeah music! It’s been keeping me pretty busy lately.

Then on Sunday Meike took me on a hot air balloon ride for my birthday. It was great! I made a little video for your viewing pleasure….

We started at the Flugplatz in Lüneburg and landed in Brockmühle/Witzeeze, about 23K as the crow flies. There is no footage of us inflating or deflating the balloon because I was busy doing it. I’ll throw some pics up on my flickr page whenever I get around to it. If you are interested in going on a balloon ride in the Hamburg/Lüneburg area, more info can be found at aeroballooning.de. I highly recommend it.