Heute habe ich 2 Lampen und einen Bildrahmen aufgehängt.

Today I hung 2 lamps and a picture frame.

I know it isn’t exciting but I got a lot on my mind now that I don’t feel like getting into here.

Addendum: Although I will say this. Today it became very apparent that one of the most prevalent and versatile of American tools is almost nowhere to be found in Germany. I am referring to the wire coat hanger. Without this marvel of American ingenuity and engineering, simple and mundane tasks often become cumbersome and complicated and require such esoteric forms of higher mathematics, like algebra. Kidding aside, hanging that big picture frame yesterday would have been a lot easier if I had hung the picture on the stretched-out coat hanger and held it up against the wall so I would know where to put the nail. Quite a few times I’ve had to run cable through walls and ceilings. With a wire coat hanger, this is a not a big deal. Additionally, Wire coat hangers with an old pair of panty-hose make great pop filter. More uses for coat hangers.

As a consolation prize, here is a funny video…