Still Here

It has been a couple of wild weeks. Mostly good, and some not so good.

Last weekend we had a mini grill party on the sidewalk in front of our house. Although we have enough room for the Weber grill outside, it’s a bit inconvenient to clean the whole thing up and take it back down to the cellar when we are done. To remedy this problem we used what we call the Grilleimer (grill-bucket). M picked it up at the grocer’s. It is a metal bucket with holes in the bottom. about 5cm from the bottom there is a metal layer with holes. You put the coals there and light them. A small grill is placed on top. Very practical.

This past weekend Jens, M and I went down to Mainz to visit Steffi. This was a planned escape from the annual Lüneburger Stadtfest. While in Mainz we had some delicious traditional German food. I had the stuffed Saumagen, hmmmmm. Along with that we had copious amounts of white wine. It’s the drink of choice in the Rhine Valley. On Saturday night Jens and I took the S-Bahn into Wiesbaden to see Sonic Youth at the Schlachthof. The show was loud and rocking. They played mostly songs from Rather Ripped, but they also served up some of that sonic goodness from Daydream Nation, Washing Machine, Experimental Jet Set, Trash And No Star, Dirty, and Goo. They played for about 2 hours with 2 encores. It was the 3rd time I had seen them and the best concert of the 3.

Yesterday we went to Rüdesheim am Rhein. We walked around and took some pictures and saw the Drosselgasse. If you like drinking wine and listening to oompa-oompa music with the blue-haired set, than it should be your thing.

Click here for a few pictures from the trip.