The weather is awesome. It cooled off a bit there for about a week, but know the springtime is in full swing. The only bad thing about spring are my allergies. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes I don’t notice.

Tonight I went to the Wunderbar to go see Mama Boom!. I have heard a lot of cool things about them. Hmmm. The band played very well musically. They definitely got the people moving, no doubt due to the awesome drummer holding it down and serving it up. The singer got on my nerves though, or as they say in this neck of the woods, got on my cookies.

I had to bail out early though because I had a sever allergic reaction to something. I started sneezing like crazy and my eyes started watering. It became difficult for me to breath and I started getting a headache. Maybe it was someone’s perfume. Maybe it was a dirty bomb. Whatever it was, I left and 5 minutes felt much better.

Alright off to bed.