Couch Hunting

I posed for this picture last weekend as we were in Hamburg looking around for a couch.

Last Saturday started off at 9am… M and I jogged around the Alster. After that we went out for breakfast with some friends and then went searching for the couch. Couches are expensive. Damn. I wasn’t expecting regular not-crappy couches to be so wallet-reamingly expensive. I’m probably gonna be dropping some serious cheddah on this. Oh well, I have to have someplace for guests to sit and chill. It’s a pain in the ass going to all these stores and checking out what they have. I might get something similar to this. I’m not sure.

One store we checked is called the Wäscherei. It is a furniture store/night club/restaurant/café. They try really hard to be hip. I think there was some special event/party going on last weekend while we were there. Upon entering the 3 story building, we were blasted with high-decibel house music spun by some superstar DJ. The 3 fabulously dressed gentlemen working behind the counter were working it while slowly going deaf and handing out candy.

There is a lot of really cool and interesting stuff there, but we found most of it to be very overpriced. Nice café though. The food looked good as well. As were the waitresses who were smoking hot.