Did Cicero say any thing?

M and I went to a small Greek café here in Lüneburg the other day. Behind us were 2 guys speaking a language I didn’t understand but I think it was Greek. One had a Lord of the Rings T-shirt and long hair styled up like Elrond. He was a fan alright. He was just waiting for the one true ring to be found so he can go on an adventure. Anyway, I find it interesting how many English words have found their way into other languages, especially nomenclature in the IT world. For a while I wasn’t paying attention but my interest was peaked when I heard “…Mac OS…” than a long conversation with “…file sharing….linux….unix….samba….windows….Bill Gates….” This was quickly followed up with a Chortle! heh heh snort!” I didn’t understand, but I knew what they were talking about.

….Those that understood him smiled at one another and shook their heads; but for mine own part, it was Geek to me.