Chillmost 2006 Year End Wrap-Up

A year ago today I was having a heart attack. Yeah! The aftermath of that was definitely a defining experience for me this past year. 3 hospital visits and a 3 week Reha stay, lots of pills, needles, blood, poking, prodding, hoses, tubes, not to mention lots of anxiety and just a general feeling of WTF?…. and I’m feeling pretty good. I go jogging at least twice a week. I quit smoking. Well, I still might sneak a puff from someone every now and then, but that has become a seldom occurrence. I try to eat better and drink more water and less alcohol.

Chillmost’s favorite albums of the year:

  1. Rather Ripped by Sonic Youth
  2. The Greatest by Cat Power
  3. Awesomer by Blood On the Wall
  4. Dozemarypool‘s eponymous debut

Other year highlights include…

  • Visited the following places:
  • Turned 30
  • Purchased Fender Stratocaster
  • Quit band of last 5 years
  • Started search for new musical directions

The trip to Rome was one of the highlights. That was a lot of fun. Another bright blip on the timeline of 2006 was my friend Bob visiting me from New York. We braved the Hamburger Reeperbahn, the Berlin party-scene and the Amsterdam red-light district. It was a whole lot of the kind of fun you don’t blog about.

And of course, I rocked. Hard.