Back to the Business at Hand

For those that didn’t know, I went to the US for a short visit last week for Thanksgiving. It was my first time celebrating Thanksgiving since 2000. I have been here that long. I went to St. Pete Beach in Florida and visited my parents. It was unfortunately a short visit but it was well worth it. When I got back the Weihnachtsmarkt and lights in Lüneburg were in full swing. Now that I have been back for a week, I have noticed that the weather is really warn considering it is already December. I had a Glühwein the other day with a few friends and it felt weird drinking it while not freezing my ass off.

I’ve been jogging with a group for the last 6-7 months to keep in shape. I think I may have messed up my right foot. After I have been sitting or laying for a while and then I get up, it hurts when I put weight on it. After a few steps and stretching it out, it feels better but I went to the doctor yesterday (waited in line for 2 hours fo a 10 minute meeting) and got a prescription for shoe lifts for running. While I was there I had a whole list of ailments for which I was sure to get ärztliche Überweisungen (I swear, once you hit 30 you start falling apart). As far as I know it works like this here: If you have a problem you have to go to your normal family doctor before you can go to a specialist. Even if you know the doctor is just going to give you a referral, you still have to get it from him first before you can go to the specialist. There may be some exceptions; I don’t know. I also don’t know if a semicolon belongs in that sentence. Maybe, maybe not. Read the disclaimer above.

Right now I am listening to Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” on vinyl. Earlier I was listening to Willie Nelson’s forgotten concept album “Tougher Than Leather”. It is really good. Meike got these records at a flea market a long time ago but I only just listened to them for the first time after hooking up an old record player she inherited from her grandmother. Yeah.