Rød Grød Med Fløde

We arrived back from Copenhagen last night at about half past midnight. If you get a chance to visit, I highly recommend it. It’s so choice. Some observations…

  • There are lots of children in Denmark. All over the place. They can’t all be on vacation can they? Surprisingly, they all seem to be very well behaved.
  • Consequently, there are a lot of pregnant women in Copenhagen. This is no surprise as there are lots beautiful women there as well. Seriously though, I have never seen so many pregnant women in all of my life. I kept asking myself if there was some sort of power outage 9 months ago or some other event that prevented Danes from leaving there house for like a week or something.
  • There are lots of blonde people.
  • In addition, it also seems to be a very racially diverse city, including many Greenlanders.
  • Alcohol in bars and clubs is very expensive. Thus, many Danes will buy beer in bottles or cans in a kiosk and drink on the street. In the summer this can lead to spontaneous parties breaking out in market squares.
  • The Danish seem to be very chill and laid-back. Oh, that guy walking down the street wearing women’s lingerie? Interesting, isn’t it?.
  • Lots of bicycles. Especially of the Christiania variety, which fits in with the whole theme of children.
  • There is a lot of cool scandinavian architecture and minimalist design. There’s even a museum.

There is also a city-bike program there where you can pick up a bike at a designated points in the city. In principal it sounds like a great idea. The problem is that most of the bikes were falling apart or missing key components like wheels or seats. It took us a 2 days to find one that wouldn’t kill its rider. Then M rode that all over till she found another. Even though they both had fucked up chains/pedals/sprockets/brakes, it sure beat walking.

Other highlights included:

  • Christiania and the guided tour from longtime resident, Pete.
  • Boat ride through the canals
  • Watching people’s reaction as M wandered through the streets of Copenhagen with braided hair while wearing a huge plastic viking helmet.

More to come…