I’m on a Lüneburg -Whoah- Radio

Tomorrow I will be on the “Langspieler” program on Radio ZUSA, live from the Universität Lüneburg. The show is co-hosted by my friend Ingo. We each introduce a new release, discuss it and then give it a rating. Yeah, kind of pretentious, but this what music nerds do who wish they worked in a record store in Chicago’s Wicker Park district.

It will be at or around 9pm (3pm EST) on Monday. The show can be heard live over the Internet via this link. Keep in mind in is in .ogg format, so you will need some obscure audio player that can play it back. So, for those of you who are not Linux admins living in your mom’s basement, you can use winamp for Windows or VLC for Mac.

If you manage to tune in, you’ll get to hear me speak German.