Back in town, World Cup, Lüneburg flips out

I have been back from Rome for a week now actually. It was a great trip. It was wonderful to see the family. The history and ruins in Rome were very interesting. Saw St. Peter’s and the Sistine Chapel. I saw a lot of amazing art and architecture. The weather was a bit too hot but manageable. The food and drink were expensive. The women were beautiful. We all went out to Pompeii for a day trip. That was incredible. The artifacts are amazing.

While we were there Rome was in the hot and sweaty grip of World Cup Fever. It seemed that every bar/shop had a TV with the games going. There are so many tourists from so many different countries, that every team had support from their fans when they played.

While flying back to Germany, our flight coincided with the Germany-Sweden match. The pilot was giving updates during the flight:
“The score is 1-0 Germany. Podolski just shot it in!”
“2-0, Another goal from Podolski!”

When he came on and gave the final score and said that Germany won, the passengers erupted with yelling and screaming. From the way people were flipping out, you would have thought he just said, “The plane is gonna crash and we are all gonna die!!” Just imagine if you were one of those passengers that falls asleep on the plane as soon as you strap yourself in and don’t wake up until you land. I bet they woke up with more than just a startle.

During the last couple of weeks as the World Cup Championship has been going on, I have noticed that the overall mood in Germany seems to have improved. I’m not the only one to notice. The New York Times and Der Spiegel noticed as well. This was very interesting to see as Germans are generally not prone to outbursts of flag-waving and national pride

Last night, as soon as Germany won the World Cup Quarter-Final against Argentina, I went outside to the Marktplatz in Lüneburg to gauge the local reaction. Lüneburg was going nuts. According to the local paper this was the longest Autokorso in the city’s history. Click the video below to see.

If they keep winning, it will only get better. But if they lose, how long will the good vibes last?