Octopus Catcher

I went to the cardiologist today for a follow up meeting. He says I have something called tako-tsubo syndrome. WTF? I still can’t get a satisfactory answer about what it is. Google isn’t much help. The doctor’s advice was to live each day like it is your last. Gee, thanks. Oh, and he put me back on the meds. Well, all except the beta-blockers. I’ll get a second opinion and hopefully try to get some information in plain English. At least I’m getting some answers. This was the first doctor who didn’t shrug his shoulders and say, “I dunno”. We’ll see.

Went to Josh Ritter last night at the Stage Club in Hamburg. It was a good show in an intimate surrounding. This is the third time I saw him in Hamburg. After the show he always comes out of the dressing room and talks to the fans and signs autographs. He is a genuinely nice guy with a good sense of humor. I mentioned him previously. Here he is on NPR.