Yeah, Nordic Walking

Like Americans, Germans love to jump on the health/sport fads as well. One thing that has been going on for about two or three years now, and is quite popular, is “Nordic Walking“. I went with M and parents yesterday on a 10k trek through the Lüneburger Heide near Döhle. It was a nice way to spend the Saturday.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.. Germans will always find an excuse to drink. Keep in mind we were underway with a bunch of health nuts who organized this. Near the end of the hike we stopped at a gazebo on top of a hill that had a great view. They provided bread, cheese, vegetables, sausages and wine. Lots of wine. I emptied my first plastic cup and then went looking for a trash bag. I held the cup in my left hand and was looking for the bag when I noticed the cup get heavier. Oh well. Bottoms up. That happened a few more times. Whoa, how we gonna get down from this mountain? Luckily there were horse-drawn covered wagons to take us all back to the starting point. So we get into the wagons and get underway. Lo and behold a case of beer and lots of schnapps to go around. We didn’t join arms together and start with the drinking songs. It could of happened, had we more time. And beer.

The gig on Friday was depressing. Performance-wise fine. I went through the motions. Afterwards I went to the WunderBAr in Lüneburg and saw Paddy Korn & Band perform. That was amazing. The WunderBAR is turning out to be the best club in Lüneburg to catch a show.