German quizzes and concert promoters

Would you pass the German citizen quiz? I probably wouldn’t.

The 100-question test, drawn up by the state of Hesse but being considered for nationwide use, has received a lot of comment, in part because of the widespread belief that many German university students would have trouble passing it, so how fair would it be to impose it on immigrants relatively unschooled in German culture?

On Monday evening M and I went to hear Fritz Rau speak at the Bergström Hotel here in Lüneburg. He is on tour promoting his new book, “50 Jahre Backstage-Erinnerungen eines Konzertveranstalters.” He was one of the biggest concert promoters in Germany since the mid 50’s. He is sort of like the Bill Graham of Germany. In fact, when Mick Jagger told Rau he wanted to do a huge open air concert in Germany, Rau went to America to hang out with Graham in order to learn about all the logistics involved with such an undertaking.

He told some great stories about hanging out with John Coltrane, Marlene Dietrich, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Springsteen and many more. It was very interesting.