You know when you are working on a big project and you start getting near the end and you start going crazy because you aren’t sure if you got all the loose ends tied up? You aren’t sure if you forgot something? Something glaringly obvious? Oh, you got lists to check alright. You got lists of lists. You start flipping out and sweating? Ah!!! Try doing it alone on your end; Not having anyone to help you. If you were working on a team, it would be easier because you would have others to help you. Try doing it in a language that is not your own. Some things are selbstverst√§ndlich. Well, to you but not everybody else. Try to stay calm and cool. Remember that you have a job and a roof over your head, your healthy and a pretty all-around swell guy. If it all gets totally fucked up, which we know it won’t, you’ll still be alive. It’s not that big of a deal.

Just take a deep breath and dive in. Half the fun is fighting your way out.