Bisschen Urlaub

Next sunday is M’s 30th birthday. In honor of this grand occasion we are going to Edinburgh Scotland for an extended weekend stay in hopes of escaping the traditional “Klingelputzen”. I’m excited but I really don’t have time to think about it. Too busy, you see?

Here’s a joke I heard today. The punch line is in German so if you don’t get it, tough:

Jesus walks into a bar and as soon as he gets in the door an American recognizes him and rushes over.
“Oh Jesus! Wow!”
“Hello my son.”
“Say Jesus, I have this terrible pain in my elbow and I can’t play golf. Can you heal it?”
“Of course my son.”
Jesus lays his hand on the American’s elbow and pain is instantly gone.
“Oh wow! Thanks Jesus!”, says the American and runs off to play golf.
As Jesus makes his way across the room a Frenchman limps over to him.
“Bonjour Jésus! I ‘ave zees Terrible pain in my knee. I cannot play le Football. Can you please ‘elp me?”
“Bien sûr.”
Jesus touches the Frenchman’s knee and the pain is instantly gone and the Frenchman jumps and down.
“Zoot alors! Merci beaucoup Jésus!”, says the Frenchman and runs off to play football.
Jesus then makes his way to the bar and sits down next to a German. The German’s eyes get big and he quickly scoots his stool away from Jesus.
Jesus says, “My son, what is the matter?”
The German says, “Fass mich bloss nicht an! Ich bin 2 Wochen krankgeschrieben!