We auditioned a new bass player tonight that supposedly played in a band with J├╝rgen Drews. That is not exactly something I would brag about but a gig is a gig.

I came across this journal entry from a guy that found a stack of already graded papers from a university freshman physics class and added his own additional comments. Any teachers or soon to be teachers should find it amusing.

I’m not the best writer but I know how to get my point across. I think. I can’t believe college freshmen are writing these “papers”. I’m extremely grateful to Fr. Leininger, S.J. (Don’t forget the S.J. gentlemen) and Mrs. Felice for teaching me how to organize my thoughts and put them into words.

Wow. I just popped my head into the other room and saw Ray Parker Jr. on some German eighties revival show. Can you guess which song he was singing? Hmm? Wait for it…..wait…..if you said Ghostbusters you win a brand new car!!