Carlos and Dimebag

I found out recently from my friend Amy that an acquaintance from my Chicago days committed suicide in October. Carlos and I weren’t really close but I was upset when I found out. We haven’t seen each other in over four years. He was a talented tattoo artist and musician/DJ. He was fun to talk to about music. He always had some new record or band to tell me about. I bought my first real mixer from him.

It is sort of surreal to go to his website ( and see his artwork as if he was still maintaining the server. It will probably stay like that until the provider doesn’t get paid and then they will shut it off and the pictures and content will be deleted and gone forever. Sad.

Another thing that upset me last week was the insane and brutal shooting death of Dimebag Darrell and 3 others in the Ohio nightclub. I was not a huge Pantera fan but I really admired Dimebag’s skill as a guitarist and his attitude towards his fans and towards his music.

RIP Carlos and Dimebag!