A few years a go when I lived in the WG, there was this kind of wierd guy, Pano (I may be misspelling that), living in the basement who plaved violin in the band for the local theater. You never really saw or heard much of him at all except when he would play his violin. Sometimes he was a complete asshole and would yell at me for no reason. And back then when my German was not that good, I didn’t know what he was going on about. I thought he was gonna flip out and stab me or something.

Once I was taking out the trash to the big dumpster in front of the house and as I had the lid to the dumpster open he laid into me about making sure I shut the lid properly and then he came over and shut the lid for me before I was done putting the trash in.

“Um , I’m not done yet. Can you please open the lid back up?”


So I opened it again myself and bent over to pick up the trash and he closed the lid again before I could put in the garbage.

I then verbally tore Pano a new asshole in English. It felt good. I could express myself perfectly and vent some steam at the same time. The best part was that he didn’t understand (not perfectly anyway) and I didn’t really offend him. He just gave me a look like I was crazier than he was and walked off.

I’ve been thinking about that incident for the last few days. I wish I could take it back. Last week Pauno didn’t show up for work for a few days and nobody heard anything from him. He was discovered dead in his apartment in the basement. Cause of death was liver failure due to hepatitis. That’s what I heard anyway.

D’oh! Sorry about that Pano. I didn’t really mean it. I always enjoyed your violin playing. It was like a free concert in the next room.