The first newspaper I ever read (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) has endorsed Kerry:

Based on his own record, President George W. Bush has not earned re-election. He has mishandled the war on terrorism, shut his eyes to disagreeable facts, left the next generation in hock and presided over a sharp loss in jobs, health insurance and prosperity for millions of Americans.

It is the Show-Me State after all.

St. Louis is my real hometown which is why, although I am not a huge baseball fan, my heart bleeds Cardinal red. So I am naturally chuffed that the Cards are in the NL Championship Series. I had my 7th birthday at a Cards game at Busch Stadium. Whenever I would visit my Dad’s office in downtown St. Louis the highlights were to see the Stan Musial statue in front of the stadium and to look out of the windows of the PW offices into Busch Stadium. I also remember Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith doing backflips. That was so cool.