It’s only Rock and Roll Part II

Sequel to this post.

Okay. The story was first relayed to me as such: Gig was booked for Saturday and up until the friday before we thought we were good to go. On Friday promoter calls and says said gig is cancelled because a sound system was not properly booked in time.

But what really happened is as follows: In the week after the show I was asked by a friend why we didn’t play. After further discussion I discover that the show did in fact happen but it said in the paper that we cancelled do to “technical problems”. After a few calls I discover that the promoter did in fact call on Friday before the show and only then informed Marko that either every band brings their own sound system, sets it up, plays for a half hour, and then packs their system back up… or they pay 600€ (as of this post about $725) and they get to use the sound system that is already set up and waiting for the main act, Torfrock. Needless to say somebody on our end told the promoter to go fuck himself. I’ll be damned to pay that much to play with some washed-up one hit wonder. To put it in terms Americans can understand, I would rather pay to open up for Black Oak Arkansas at a 4-H county fair. Jim Dandy to the Rescue indeed!

Remember the Kirchweih I wanted to go to on that fateful weekend but had to cancel due to the planned concert? I’m even more pissed about it now. I will give details about the Kirchweih that were relayed to me by Jens. But you will have to wait for that. All I will say now is that Eine Schande wurde über das Dorf gebracht!!