Last night M and I went to the laundromat to do what most people do in laundromats and there was this slightly crazy guy Ingo who was entertaining us with his stories of traveling around, being thrown out of places and generally getting in and out of trouble. He was pretty interesting but there were some moments as he was going way out there into interstellar overdrive that M and I gave each other the raised-eyebrow look. When our clothes were dry and we were making our way towards the door he gave us a passport photo of himself as some sort of remembrance. It is now on the fridge.

I don’t think I’ve even mentioned yet that the European Soccer Championship is going on right now in Portugal. Unfortunately, Germany, has already been eliminated. I’m not a big fan but the game between England and Portugal was pretty good. Last night as we were walking home from the laundromat we could tell somebody scored because we suddenly heard cheers and screaming coming out of the different houses all simultaneously. It was pretty cool.