3 things:

AprilMayJune is on hold for now. We have no bass player on account of our previous one losing her shit, to put it mildly. It’s always the bass players that are teetering closest to edge. Hmmm. We had to cancel some big contest in hamburg and some other lucrative gigs because of our situation. The Lamest Ever!!! Oh well, that’s Rock and Roll.

Good news Flash, good news! I will be getting my own radio show here at the local Uni. It will either be a 1 or 2 hour program either once or twice a month starting either at 7pm or 9pm. I can definitely tell you that it will be in English on friday evening when no one is listening. No one that is until they feel my rock and roll machine blasting them through their radio. More definitive plans coming soon. As of now the show has no name. I’m taking suggestions. email me. nate (“a” with the circle around it) chillmost.com. Entries should not directly allude to my nationality or cuddliness. I’m not scared of anti-Americanism, I just think that something like “The American Show” is teh suxx0r. I anxiously await all 1 one your entries.

I’ve started redesigning this site about 6 times. It needs to be done from scratch. I need to go through the archives and sort out some formatting issues that came up when Blogger decided to go messin’ around. I’m getting close to something. I’m going to hire an armed thug to hold a gun to my head so I will be forced to get the shit done.