Last night Jens and I cooked up some Spargel for some friends of ours. We had about 6 people over to our place and had a feast. Boiled white asparagus, various sliced and salted hams, potatoes, cauliflower, and awesome hollandaise sauce. Not to mention lots of white wine. It was da bomb. I made dessert which was American style brownies with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Bomb-a-licious. We gotta do that more often.

On another note, my friend R, drummer extraordinaire, has got what the Germans call Scarlach, commonly known as Scarlet Fever. I thought that had been eradicated. Who gets that these days? Well, apparently scarlet fever occurs mostly in children aged 4-8 years. It doesn’t sound like fun to me. I’ll be steering clear from him for a while.