Not much too exciting going on. Thursday was a holiday here and Friday is usually taken off as well. So I had a 4 day weekend. I did some rollerblading on Thursday. I also spent a lot of that time re-familiarizing myself with ProTools and getting to know the DIGI 002 Rack. Also interesting is the version of Reason that came with it. I got a small MIDI controller to work with it and using the Rewire function I can sync ProTools, Live and Rewire together. It all sounds very promising/interesting/rad. I just have to sit down and figure it all out. It has been almost 4 Years since I have used ProTools. It is basically the same but there are now a bunch of new buttons and functions I have to get familiar with.

In other news, M’s mom had a dream which somehow has been interpreted as a bad omen for me. I’m supposed to be wary of people who are trying to rip me off and take advantage of my gullibility. Sounds like the standard program. I am usually pretty suspicious of people I don’t know. I play it safe while walking down the street. Yesterday while somebody asked me for a light though, I looked around to make sure he didn’t have his boys around waiting to jump me. So, thanks for the paranoia H! Sheesh.