A friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to have my own own radio show here on the local station. We will see if it works out. We’ve been playing phone tag for the last few days so I havn’t gotten the details.

I had planned all week to drive out to Amptown in Hamburg today and buy the Digi 002 R. I have to get some kind of small production unit here and do some music again. I got home from work, got in the car and drove off to Hamburg. I got stuck in some super traffic on the Autobahn for about 1.5 hours. Finally I got out of thee traffic and into the city. This was also the point where the Mapquest directions were completely fucking wrong. I drove around for about half an hour. I decided to turn around and start from where the Internet directions diverted from reality. The roads in Hamburg (I would say Germany as a whole but I haven’t been everywhere) lack clear, concise and unobstructed street signs. I went looking for the road in question and I somehow ended up on the bridge going over the Elbe. This was the exact opposite of what I wanted to be doing. The next chance I had to get off and turn around would put me right back behind all of that traffic I had just sat in on my way into the city. I couldn’t even consider it because it was 6:35 pm and the store just closed at 6:30. Fuckers. So my only choice was to drive back to L√ľneburg. Anger. I’ll have to get up early and do it again tomorrow.

I’ve been sipping Jameson whiskey at night. I like it. Just a little now. Don’t want to overdo it. It’s got a taste that you want to savor and appreciate. That’s means you can’t drink too much at a time. If you do, you get drunk and start drinking just for the sake of drinking. And that is a waste.