Not much new here. Just raging against the machine that is UPS. They are holding my iPod hostage.

I just saw and heard Dubya on CNN say “If we had something to hide we wouldn’t have met with them in the first place”, in regards to his and Dick’s unrecorded meeting with the 911 commission. Umm, excuse me dumbass. Didn’t you guys fight against having to testify under oath for weeks, months even maybe? The fact of the matter is that you didn’t want to. You tried to invoke your executive privilege, so that you wouldn’t have to testify. You arrogantly implied that, because you are the president, you don’t have to testify. The only circumstances under which you would do it, was if there was no public or private record of what you said. That makes quoting you hard doesn’t it? It sure makes it hard to hold you accountable for what comes out of your mouth.

Back when Clinton was president, I could never understand how some people could hate the president to much. I mean sure he was a bastard and he pulled a lot dirty things as well but he was getting it done somehow. When I read about all the crazy shit Bush has pulled and all the shit he will pull if he is re-elected (reinstating the draft for example) I now understand how someone can hate the president so much. Man, I miss Slick Willie