I had a fucked up dream last night:

Me and somebody, (was it Jens? Ben?) were at a Sonic Youth concert in California somewhere but it was Sonic Youth circa 1989. Thurston Moore was wearing a dress and Kim Gordon was super angry launching into one angry song after another. So we were there rocking out and we start hanging out with P!nk (as in M!ssundaztood). I’m not really into Pink although she often tells cool drug stories in interviews. Anyway we started rapping about records; “Did you hear the new 7-inch from so and so?” or “Isn’t that the side project from blah blah blah?” WTF?

Then I woke up and I was amazed at what a cool rock and roll experience I thought I just had, and I thought to myself, “Self, you gotta write about that in your blog.” So I got out of bed, walked over to the computer and only just then did I realize it had been a dream. So I went to work and decided to relay this story to y’all when I got home.

There you go. Interpretations as to what the hell that all means are welcome.