NYC: It was a blast. I’m really grateful to my friend Bob for letting us stay at his place on the Lower East Side. It is so much better to be able to hang out with locals and check out their haunts rather than hang with tourists and watch them get drunk and spill hot-wing sauce on their midwest teddy-bear sweatshirts. It was especially good for Jens because he got to relax and hang out in NYC and just check it out at his own pace.

We pretty much just walked around and took pictures during the day and went out to bars at night.

My friend Bob is the type of guy that like to sarcastically suggest that you do stupid things that would have dire consequences. For example he’d say something like “Hey, why don’t you go over there and slap that cop in the face. It’ll be alright. He won’t do anything.” These comments can usually just be ignored.

In one of the bars we were in there was a large rambunctious dog barking and howling trying get its owner’s attention. Bob said, “Dude, you should go kick that dog. It’s just playing. It’ll be alright. He won’t do anything.” To which I replied, “Shut up dick, drink your beer.”

First let me say that this bar, 151 I think it was called, was very dark. A few moments later I got up to go to the toilet and on the way I kicked the dog right in the head. He was laying on the floor in the dark. The beast instantly latched its jaw to my foot and I could feel its teeth through my shoe as I yelled, more out of fright than pain. He let go and I went to the bathroom. When I came back Bob was very proud of himself for pulling the Jedi mind-trick on me.

A few minutes later while he was outside using his phone, I went to the toilet again and, remembering what had just happened, started to slow down in case of a dog laying in wait. Too late. This time I kicked it in the ass and the same thing happened all over again. Bob was very disappointed that he missed the second attack.