OK Soooo…

Here in Stamford CT. the trip so far has been a blast.

In Atlanta we just ended up taking some night photos that hopefully will be cool. Jens was

laying in the middle of busy intersections trying to get the best shot. Sacrificing it for

art. The hostel there is really nice. If you are in Hotlanta on the cheap, I recommend you

check it out. it”s the one on Ponce De Leon street. We went to a few bars but it seems that

the only place we could find a decent beer with good atmosphere was an Irish pub.

Also highly visible in ATL were the spinning rims on cars, or as I now calls them, “spins”.

I have read about therm but I had yet to see any until I was in America. I am not into what

the kool kids call “Bling Bling”, but I could see myself getting some spins. Sportin those

super fresh all up on my nissan. I would be rocking the Lueneburger Heide. Notice how I

expand the Umlauts because I don’t know how to do them on an American Windows computer.

Anyway, Atlanta was cool but it was only a day.

Next stop was Knoxville, TN. Jens has a cousin that lives there with her American husband.

They are some of the nicest folks I have ever met. They have 2 teenage sons who are also

very nice but not very talkative. It was very weird to be speaking so much German in


While we were there we went hiking in the Smokey Mountain National Park and we even did

some fishing. We each caught a couple of Blue gill and some bass. All were too small to

keep so we threw them back. There might be picture forthcoming.

We had a good time there and Jens’s family was very hospitable.

Of special cultural interest: There are no skunks in Europe apparently (If this is

incorrect please let me know). This is what Jens has told me anyway. When we arrived in

Knoxville and were looking for the house we came upon a dead skunk in the road. The smell

was pretty strong and completely filled the car. Jens was shocked at how bad it smelled and

almost died of laughter right there on the spot.

More to come…..