Tampa was nice. It was good to see family and friends. Jens and I cooked a super meal for my parents. One night we went to this great bar down the street. They had an old jukebox full of 45’s still. Noone has those anymore except these guys. There was old Willie Nelson, Etta James, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Hank Williams and much much more. They had to kick us out at around 2am

We got to Key West yesterday and promptly started on the local scene. That went till 2am. Woke up in a room in the hostel with japanese students discussing something. Rented some bikes, went to the beach, looked at chicks, rode some more, looked in a shop full of old restored guitars, drank some more, got some food, watched the sunset at Mallory square, called Jens’s cousin in Knoxville, and went to the internet cafe, wrote this entry. We might stay an extra day but we are not sure yet.