So I downloaded the Grey Album that everybody is talking about. It’s ai-aight. I wish a different rapper would released something called “The Black Album”. I really don’t like Jay-Z’s style. His flow is kinda like a wagon with broken wheels.

Yeah, that’s right. I said it. What?

EMI should just clear the samples and make some chedda with the whole deal. Yeah, DJ Danger Mouse shoulda went through the proper channels and cleared the samples, but the Beatles/Apple Corps. are supposedly renowned for denying sampling requests. If he would have submitted the tracks and EMI would have denied the sampling rights they could have automatically claimed ownership, confiscated the masters, hard drives, DATs, and we may have never gotten the chance to hear it.

Or is it Michael Jackson who owns thee rights to the White Album? In that case he should grant the requests cuz he needs the cha-ching.


And what’s with all the hubbub over the gay marriage over there? Never-mind that it’s all about basic human rights. 50% of all marriages fail, are they afraid homosexuals are going to do it better? What’s the big deal?

Oh right, it’s an election year. I forgot. We need to have an campaign issue to deflect attention from the economy and the situation in Iraq.


Anyway here is a good article about it from Savage Love.