First Lüneburg, then the world!!

dit dit dit dit…Just in from Lüneburg….dit dit dit….

    Teachers mistakenly eat ‘space cake’. 13/02/2004. ABC News Online

    Ten German school teachers were taken to hospital after eating part of a chocolate cake left as an anonymous gift that turned out to be baked with marijuana, a city spokesman said.

    The teachers in the northern city of Lueneburg complained of jitters, nausea and hallucinations after consuming part of the ‘space cake’ and were treated and released late on Wednesday.

    A laboratory test conducted by police on the pastry showed it contained cannabis.

    The school staff was not suspicious about the cake because of an ongoing fundraising project in which students sell homemade baked goods to benefit victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

    Police said they were investigating on charges of grievous bodily harm and drug possession and looking for anyone seen leaving the teachers lounge at the time in question.”

Rumor on the street is that some teachers that were affected didn’t feel that going to the hospital was all that necessary. Others were out “sick” for a few days. If I was a student I would definitely now know who the cool teachers are.

Do they really need to call in the Polizei and get the stuff tested? Next time save the taxpayers some money and call me. I’ll do it for free.