I tutored the 11 year old stepson of a friend today in English. First time I ever did this. I was paid in beer; the universal currency. What a fugdup language that English. Yet at the same time a treasure. If I could, just learn, where to put, the commas, I wouldn’t sound, like William, Shatner.

I forgot to say that when I went to the doctor the other day I was trying to say that I had to throw up. The verb for that is sich ├╝bergeben. I kept saying unterbrechen which is not only totally wrong but also means to interrupt. So I was saying, “I wasn’t feeling well and I had to interrupt, twice”. See German is fugdup as well.

I’ve been listening to a lot of country music lately. George Jones, Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Hank Sr., Merle. What’s wrong with me? Nothing really. Maybe a little homesick. Is “Up Against the Wall (Redneck Mother)” VS. “Okie From Muskogee” the Country & Western equivalent of the “Southern Man” VS. “Sweet Home Alabama”? Well, is it? Discuss amongst yourselves.