Last night I came home and had a slightly higher than usual blood alcohol level. I published a flurry of posts, two of which could have been construed as provoking the Secret Service and theatening members of the Bush family. I decided to edit the post combining the two, because together they would be really funny and wouldn’t actually invite so much trouble. So I copied the text and wanted to start editing them and opened BBEdit and realized that the 30 day demo was long over. Then M. asks, “Uh, aren’t you driving carpool today?” and I noticed it was 8:10 and I was supposed to be there at 8:00. So I lost the data I had on my clipboard and I had already deleted the entries. I could try to rewrite them but I don’t really remember what I wrote so it wouldn’t be funny anymore. It’s like…..a bummer.

In a nutshell, it was like this: A play on Jackie Gleason in “The Bandit” when he says to his son, “Junior, when we get home I’m gonna punch your mama in the mouth.” Imagine the 41st president talking to the 43rd and you get the picture. And then there was something about how after I published a joke about Dubya (near the bottom) there was a huge spike of hits to my website in the 2 days following that coming from the Washington DC/Virginia area. I joked about the Secret Service sweating me if I were to fly to America and posted this link.

See? it doesn’t seem like anything more than ramblings of someone who needs to adjust his tin-foil helmet. Bah!