When I used to live in Chicago I was doing some crazy shit. I lived in the upper level of an old abandoned movie theater that had been converted into apartments for some Polish aristocrat in the 60s. The kitchen used to be the old projection booth, so when you stood at the sink you would look down into the theater. Our land(slum)lord was a car nut and kept about 10 old delapidated antique cars down there which could be seen out of kitchen/projector window.

Next door to us lived this wild-eyed beautiful tattooed girl named Amy. She was always helping me out when I was losing my shit and she is still a really good friend even though I haven’t seen her in years. She has now relocated to San Fransisco after some nomading around the west coast. She is working out there as a tattoo artist. If I ever get a tattoo, she will be doing it. She just sent me a link to her online portfolio at the Sacred Rose. So if your in the Bay area and looking to get some ink done, stop by the Sacred Rose and ask for Amy. Be sure to tell her Nate sent ya.