The Ultimate Lineup

I play in a band and this weekend we are going into the studio to record at least 2 maybe 3 or 4 songs. I enjoy playing the kind of music we make but I also want to do something different. I need to rock more in the Sonic Youth, Swervedriver, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, John Coltrane, freaking out direction. I’ll try to get something together in the new year. If I could get a band together I would play guitar, maybe sing. There is this girl in L√ľneburg, whose name escapes me, that sings for a band called For Hire. I’d have her sing and an former coworker on keys. Our new bassist Katja would also have to be in it cuz she rawks. The best drummer I ever played with is John Gerdes. He will just have to drop everything and move to Germany for the sole purpose of being in a band with me. You gotta give it all for the Rock and Roll. *sigh*