Nein Danke

All kinds o crazy hell been bustin out here in Loonyburg. The castor has come and gone. I’ve never seen such a huge waste of taxpayer money in all of my life. Oh wait yes I have. Anyway, the castor rolled through on Tuesday morning. It lurched through really cuz 140 protestors in LG bumrushed the trainstation and sat on and chained themselved to the tracks so the train couldn’t get through. Dude, German protestors don’t fuck around. Unfortunately neither do the police. My friend’s street was blocked off cuz he lives right next to the tracks. They had the whole thing lined with police and barbed wire and whenever he left his crib to get a döner or something, they checked his ID in front of his door and at the end of the street. And then the same in reverse order on his way back.

The official derogatory term for a police officer in German is Bulle translated:bull, thing with horns that chases matadors. Repeat after me; “Hey Bulle, Du kannst mich mal am Arsch lecken!!” You just told a police officer to have a very nice day.

Anyway, when my friend try to return home on Monday the road crossing the river and leading to his street was blocked off with a wall of green police uniforms. He asked to get through, they said no, he said “PLease I live here”, and proceeded to show his ID, where upon he was beaten in the back with a night stick. He went to complain to the precinct whatever the fuck they call it in German building and the guy says something like, “Ah these young recruits, they all scared”. And that was that. Yeah whatever. They’re scared? Law-abiding citizens who want to get the fuck out of the cold and into their houses are all scared of being beaten by cops with night sticks.

I’m not really sure how I stand on the whole transporting atomic waste issue. They gotta put it somewhere. Just not in my backyard beeyotch. Nuclear power is by far more efficient and reliable than coal-burning power plants. But the waste is so dangerous. Half-life of 40,000 years. No thanks. But the best way to solve the problem is to not produce nuclear waste in the first place and use some sort of renewable energy resource. Something like say the light, heat and radiation that comes off of a big ball of gas floating in outer space. Or wide open space where disturbances in the atmosphere cause molecules to all move very quickly in one direction causing some kind of propeller-like device attached to a generator-like contraption to turn. Its a crazy idea I know, but it just might work. In fact I provided an artists rendition of such a device in a previous posting (scroll down the page).

I think the whole point of the protests is to make the costs of providing police protection, train delays, traffic rerouting, etc so high that it makes transporting the castors economically stupid. In this past week they transported 12 castors from northern France to Gorleben in northern Germany. Total cost: around 30 Million Euros. Thats a whole lotta power-generating windmills that could’ve been built.