Tonight I’m going to see Besser play here in Lüneburg. Sweet! I hope you all had a happy Halloween. I didn’t dress up or anything and I just stayed home zum Kuscheln (I’ll be rockin my party tonight). We did get a few trick or treaters. I, like a bad grown up, didn’t have candy so I had to give out coins. I was thinking about giving them these fruit granola bar things I found in a drawer but then I realized, that had I gotten that when I was younger, I would have egged the house or blown up the mailbox or something. So they got coins. It probably cost less in the long run.

Halloween in Germany is still kind of new. In the last 4 years it has gotten popular, thanks mainly to the holiday marketing industry. So although it is celebrated, the Germans don’t get into it as much as they do in America. Give them time. The kids are into it because they get to dress up and get free candy. The adults naturally aren’t so much into it because they didn’t grow up with it. They’ve never know the excitement that children have on Halloween. What is cool though is that when kids come to the door, instead of yelling “Trick or Treat”, they yell “Was süßes, sonst was Böses”, which sorta means “give something sweet otherwise you’ll get something evil.” Ah kids, aren’t they sweet?