Aw yeah. Party time.

I did a lot of that this weekend. My old apartment had a huge party with all kinds of tunes and lights. 180 bottles of beer, numerous bottles of wine and spirits gone in 5 hours. At a club this is no big deal but this was in an apartment the size of those super-duper stretch SUVs you see rappers driving in NYC. It was good. Then on saturday we went to a cocktail party. The host was turning 30 and decided to have a cocktail party with fancy drinks and the like. Me and meike were looking pretty snazzy and were of course the best dressed. Ended up spending the night at that one.

I just finished watching the making of the Dark Side of The Moon DVD. Totally sweet. Really good interviews with the guys and with Alan Parsons in the studio soloing tracks and showing how they did the tape loops with the mic stand for “Money”. There are also some solo performances. Tomorrow I watch the director’s cut of “Live at Pompeii”. Sweet.